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Cardinal Kasper Wants to Apply “Individual Case Trick” to Eucharist, Priesthood

Talking to the German bishops’ (March 4), modernist Cardinal Walter Kasper claimed without laughing that the Catholic Church is “very, very close” to the Lutheran understanding of the Eucharist and the priesthood.

He recommended to use the “individual case trick” which has become popular under Pope Francis and which would allow to get rid of the Catholic Eucharist and the Catholic priesthood altogether.

Pope Francis has already used the “individual case trick” in order to recognise divorce in the Church. This has not produced unity with the Protestants but rather caused a deep division inside the Church between the ultraliberal clergy and Catholic families to the point that Pope Francis can be called the pope of the schism of the 21st century.

Picture: Walter Kasper, © Mazur,, CC BY-SA, #newsYyngypdzco
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De Profundis
Did Sacramentum Caritatis require guidelines? Did Familiaris Consortio require guidelines? Why in the case of Amoris Laetitia? Unless something has changed.
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The cardinal uses another trick; He pretends that he's Catholic when he's not.
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Jim Dorchak
Blathering Idiot
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Dr Bobus
Over 20 years ago, wanting to gain a bit of familiarity with some comtemporary Christology, I read two of Kasper's books, Jesus the Christ and The God of Jesus Christ. My reaction was that he was spouting Lutheranism--but didn't realize it.

He is a man with of limited intellectual ability. That combined with his theological myopia prohibits him from being objective about the deficiencies of … More
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