Corrupt Justice: Innocent Mother-Teresa-Sister Languishes in Jail

Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, 58, the Indian Bishops' Secretary General, visited the elderly Mother-Teresa-Sister Concelia Baxla in jail, he reported on (February 15).

Sister Concelia was the superior of a Mother-Theresa-house for unwed mothers in Ranchi. She was arrested in July 2018 on false charges of “child trafficking”, now represented as “irregular adoption”. Sister suffers from diabetes and varicose veins.

The child’s mother has testified that she voluntarily handed over her baby. Mascarenhas calls Sister Concelia innocent.

Every attempt to get bail for her was brusquely rejected, sometimes within minutes.

Mascarenhas describes the moment when Sister appeared before him behind a double barred and netted window, “She looked at me long with moist eyes and broke down crying.”

She said, "Pardon me, my Lord, I have brought shame to the Church, but I am innocent, my Lord".

The Bishop confesses his full admiration for this "selfless sister" used by political powers to punish the Church, “She was not worried about her own travail. She was concerned about the harm her arrest had done to the Church.”

"I pray", she continued "and say my Jesus, 'you suffered and died for me, can I not bear this suffering for you though I am innocent'. I accept God's will".

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsHsxprpmoug
There is a petition to sign for her, if you google her name.