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Former President, "Pope Honored Me Knowing That I Am A Freemason"

Former Ghana president John Agyekum Kufuor, 79, calls himself a Catholic and a freemason. He joined the “Freemason Secret Brotherhood” in the 1960s. In 2017 he celebrated in England the 300th anniversary of freemasonry.

Asked by Starr FM how he does reconcile Catholicism and Freemasonry, Kufuor answers that John Paul II honoured him with a Catholic knighthood although he knew that he was a mason.

Before receiving the honour he was interviewed to see if he would be a worthy recipient. Kufuor admitted twice being a mason, but he got the honour anyway.


Of course charisma jubilee for rotarians indeed followed membership...
@Rafał_Ovile , thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately this does not eliminate his former"honorary" membership. Decrees are not just paper documents to file but rules to follow at all level of the Catholic hiearchy -IMHO.
charisma to be precise, in the adnotation in Spanish Card. Bergoglio is now the ex-member "ex socio honorario". Nevertheless, there is evidence of strong bonded relationship between him and Rotary members, i.e. political agenda. Moreover, I have personally organized a protest against Rotarian charitable concert inside a Jesuit Church. After speaking to Jesuit prior, he admitted to their co-… More
Joseph a' Christian
Many of the ones you error in calling, "our elder brothers in the faith," live by the talmud. I recently learned, from several sources, that these many evil jews state that my Lord Jesus is covered in feces, burning in hell. They also proclaim their hatred for Christians, stating that we are the same as disgusting pigs...
This is why Jesus stated that the jews who reject Him, are sons of satan.
It is unbelievable how former decrees are disregarded by recent popes...

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Joseph a' Christian
We must separate ourselves from this rapidly dying world, as the Apostle Paul instructs us in our epistle.
Form true small Christian communities, to replace the huge Christan communities that were destroyed by the embracing of the world, through the apostasy of the numerous, through Vatican II.
I have read your writings, you see the absolute false absurdities of these days: homosexual psuedo … More
Joseph a' Christian
JPII the quran kisser, buddha lover... The masonic TEMPLE is for worshipping the evil one, same as today's false jews, in their synagogues for satan.

Jesus proclaimed, I am the Way.