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Cupich: “It could be consensual gay sex”

Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich “strongly urged” the US bishops, gathered in Baltimore, to separate homosexual fornication with minors [which is a mortal sin] from homosexual fornication between adults [which is also a mortal sin]. But for Cupich they are a "different discipline”.

He added the truism that sometimes homosexual fornication of clerics with adults could be "consensual sex, unanimous” as there allegedly is "a whole different set of circumstances.”

Cupich was a long-time ally a Cardinal McCarrick. For a long time he has been acting as a mouthpiece of homosexual propaganda in the Church.

Picture: Blase Cupich, © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHqyvsbnzks mentioned this post in Cardinal Müller: Why "Some Church Leaders" Prefer to Talk About "Clericalism".
......Well, if he doesn't feel any concern that the Devil laughs as these "consensual" pretence Celibate Priests have the gates of Heaven slammed shut to their filthy wretched souls as they partake in this "consensual" activity then he's more than a fool - he's a procuror of souls for Hell. Evil, wretched, Satanically inspired, spiritually dead, rotten , demonic serving, nonsensical, half-wit. … More
These men thoroughly believe what they do is perfectly ok, because the church, which is Christ's church, cheerleader Martin might as well say, Jesus is "learning"
Cupich knows about homosexual clergy and consent with adults?
These men have come through the seminaries being encouraged to pursue (in whatever form they choose) their homosexuality from their superiors, who will ultimately have to … More
alex j
Is this man completely devoid of Catholic morality??? Has he no concept of the harm to Christ's Church??? or for that matter, his own soul, or indeed the harm to the faithful?? How on earth and, or heaven. did this man become a priest, a bishop, archbishop and then a cardinal???? By what criteria did he advance up the ecclesiastical ladder?? if this is the best of priests the Church can call to … More
Another FrancisFag.
De Profundis
Is he gay?
Meditate for 3 hours on Jesus' Agony in the Garden...
You dirty little man.
De Profundis
He sounds as if he's in the know, is he?
Please Lord, Deliver clerics like this and convert them. If they choose not to cooperate with You then replace them quickly.
How did this man become a cardinal? Oh yes, McCarrick recommended him.
Hilaire Belloc: "The denial of a scheme wholesale is not heresy, and has not the creative power of a heresy. It is of the essence of heresy that it leave standing a great part of the structure it attacks."
De Profundis
Deeply worrying Claim.
It does matter which mortal sin you're committing, right? (...albeit sincerely confessing is the goal...)
Maybe I'm stupid, but I cannot believe he came right out with that. But this is, of course, what others have long-since reported about the 'drip, drip' tactic: say it, deny that's what you meant or remove it from a website after it has been seen, but the idea is then planted.