A Swimming Pool On Top Of Paris Notre Dame?

The entire roof of Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral could be turned into a giant swimming pool (picture), a Stockholm-based architecture firm has proposed.

In order to fool the fools it called this “a new meditative space" adding that it would provide for an "unmatched views over Paris.”

The apostles who surrounded the spire which collapsed during the April 15 fire, would be recycled as "guardians" around the pool.

The French government who is the owner of the Church, will launch an international competition to design the reconstruction.

There is a real danger that France's second-rate politicians may use the reconstruction to set a monument to themselves.

The wrong Notre Dame burned.
How about parking
Where the migrants can bathe.
Surely the Swedecucks want a mosque there?
Most weird idea so far. Not as strong as Swedish steel.
I believe it could be justifies as a full-immersion baptismal font!
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