Cardinal Hummes: “Amazonian Synod Will Decide On Celibacy”

The Amazonian Synod in Rome will discuss the abolishing of celibacy, said Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes to O Estado de Sao Paulo (March 22), adding, “The Synod is going to say Yes or No.“

Hummes hopes to introduce married priests under the pretext of alleged situations “of extreme need” [which amounts to the notorious "individual case" trick].

Asked about female deacons or priests, Hummes said that this is “much more remote”.

Vatican propaganda still claims that the Synod is about "environment", the "poor" and the "Amazonian region".

Picture: Cláudio Hummes, © Agência Brasil, CC BY-SA, #newsIrffweyxbq
So many heretic friends of Francis. Hell is filling fast. Pray that we keep the faith.
Ah! Cardinal Hummes who decided with Jorge that "something must be done" about Pope Benedict XVI. I suppose after Kasper deriding 3rd world prelates and being caught out doing so it was only to be expected that they would use the 3rd world to push their degeneracy. Well, the smug little smirk will be wiped off that impious face in the not too distant future. likes this.
This isn't just incompetence. This is malicious. likes this.
I hope everybody is prepared.