Nuns issue statement defending billionaire contraceptive campaigner

Nuns issue statement defending billionaire contraceptive campaigner Melinda Gates

May 10, 2012 ( - A group of Ursuline nuns whom billionaire Melinda Gates had claimed in a recent speech supports her campaign to inject tens of millions of women in impoverished countries with Depo-Provera and other contraceptive drugs, has issued a statement defending Gates and the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, while simultaneously claiming to support Catholic moral teaching.

Gates recently told Newsweek that the nuns at the Ursuline Academy of Dallas, where she once attended school, were delighted to hear about her plans to initiate a global contraceptive campaign and contacted her to tell her: “We’re all for you. We know this is a difficult issue to speak on, but we absolutely believe that you’re living under Catholic values.”

Melinda Gates speaking at the TedxChange talk.

“It was just so heartening,” Gates said of the phone call, which she says the Ursuline nuns made to her hotel room in Berlin, where she had just announced her intentions at a TEDxChange conference in early April.

In a statement on the matter issued yesterday to “employees, parents, students, alumnae, and other members of our school community” and obtained by, Academy President Margaret Ann Moser says that the nuns are “proud of Melinda French Gates, her dedication to social justice, her compassion for the underserved, and the great work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

“Melinda Gates leads from her conscience, and acts on her beliefs as a concerned citizen of our world,” adds Moser, explaining, “The mission of Ursuline Academy of Dallas is to educate young women for such leadership.”

While claiming that “Ursuline is committed to the moral and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church” and recognizing that “Melinda’s beliefs on birth control are different from those of the Catholic Church,” the sisters nonetheless say they “respect her right” to “speak from her research and experience of the world we live in.”


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There was a peculiar phrase used by the Ursuline sister, in the midst of her jumble of peculiar statements. She did not say that the billionaire "follows" her conscience, but that she "leads" from her conscience. I am not sure what the sister meant by that.

But it sounds like a case of "the blind leading the blind." If one has an erroneous conscience, one leads others into error.

Some things just don’t add up.
It might seem that, more contraceptive research, etc. will reduce abortion, and reduce the need for abortion.

But then, we have seen what has happened since the ‘60s, when our culture was transformed in many ways.

One way the culture was transformed had to do with sex behavior. Traditional ideas of sex morality were thrown out, replaced by the idea that it’s okay to have sex outside marriage, any number of partners, any gender of partners.

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