Victory for Citizen Journalist Sandra Merritt exposing criminal Planned Parenthood

Summarized from a Washington Times article:

Sandra Merrit, who worked with David Daleiden through Center for Medical Progress to expose Planned Parenthood's disgusting and illegal trafficking of baby body parts, has been cleared of 14 out of 15 charges brought against her.

The charges were brought by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra who is known to have accepted thousands of dollars of contributions from Planned Parenthood.

One charge of conspiracy to invade privacy remains.

Ms. Merritt's Liberty Council representative pointed out “no other citizen journalist or organization has ever been charged with a crime for undercover recordings.”
its discusting that governments and lawyers ,are in sintony in killing babies
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Becerra, like Harris before him, use public office to promote the evil agenda of the Brotherhood of Darkness.
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I keep hearing people saying that evil is being exposed like never before. All I have to say about that is, if it is exposed, then our responsibility has increased to work toward it being defeated for good. So many people just want it over so they can go back to sleep.
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