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Pope Francis Publishes Another Light-Weight Interview Book

Our Lady was “a normal girl", "a girl of today", "open to getting married and to having a family” before the archangel Gabriel visited her, Pope Francis claims in a new interview book talking to Father Marco Pozza, 38.

Excerpts of the book where published by the oligarch newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

The archangel’s words to Our Lady “you are full of grace” mean according to Francis' thin interpretation: “gratuitousness and beauty”.

He explains: “The angel does not say to Mary: ‘You are full of intellect, you are full of virtue, you are a super-good woman’.”

This way, Francis makes the Queen of Heavens look like an average pope.

Picture: Franciscus PP, Don Marco Pozza, #newsAaruoxbqst
In Greek, the angel greets Mary with the words, "chaire kecharitomene," which means: “Hail, who has been perfectly and completely graced by God.” It means a lot more than just, "Mary, you're beautiful."
"Who can estimate the holiness and perfection of her, who was chosen to be the Mother of Christ?" - John Henry Newman
Let me tell you about Mary, a normal girl, Immaculate from the first moment her conception, sinless, a perpetual Virgin, yet by a singular wonder of God, gave birth to God made flesh, the Saviour of the World, who was assumed body and soul into Heaven like any normal Girl.
So Francis thinks the Blessed Virgin Mary was just really pretty.
Pope Bergoglio the blasphemy machine with a nearly explicit denial of original, of which BVM had none.
Angie W.
With respect to the heretical and blasphemous interpretation of Bergoglio of the Greeting of the Archangel Gabriel ´Full of Grace´ to the Virgin Mary, the sites of Catholic apologetics also destroy this heretical blasphemy of Bergoglio:
"When the angel Gabriel uses κεχαριτομένη to refer to Mary, he uses the word as a pronoun (a pronoun takes the place of a name or a title), which represents the … More
How can you expect Satan to claim that Mary is The Mother of God which is why he is down there from the first place. Francis = Satan
"Open to getting married and having children?" Francis knows nothing about the Catholic faith!
Our Lady is anything but "ordinary". Even a 12 year old knows from their catechism that Our Lady holds a special privilidge being born without original sin. Your required reading Francis is the Roman Catechism and Baltimore catechism. Is it any wonder why our Church is in the state it is in?
Angie W.
The blasphemous apostate Jorge Bergoglio is treated as if he were a god while opening his mouth to utter his blasphemies, this time against Our Lady.
Woe to you Bergoglio; in your stubborn rebellion against God you make the biblical anathemas fall upon you and your followers again and again.
Pope Pius IX destroys this heretical blasphemy proffered by the apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio in his … More
I'm finding it terribly difficult to view this man as being a validly ordained Pope. Here he is discussing matters regarding Faith and Morals - subjects which a validly ordained Pontiff is able to speak about infallibly under the guidance of the Holy Ghost

HOWEVER. Here he teaches/preaches not only contrary to Dogmatic Church Teaching - he speaks heretically and wilfully blasphemes the known … More
Holy Cannoli
Our Lady was “a normal girl", "a girl of today", "open to getting married and to having a family” before the archangel Gabriel visited her, Pope Francis claims in a new interview book talking to Father Marco Pozza, 38.

Lord, Have Mercy. I wish I were his editor so I could dump this kind of garbage before it became public.

St. Augustine rightly… More
The Blessed Virgin was raised under the lawful title of "The First Born" as her parents had no "First Born SON" to be given the title to.
Thus when it states in the Gospel "She gave birth to her FIRST BORN" it is a legal title only - it is the name allotted to the "Heir" it does not infer that other children were born to her.
The Infancy Gospel of James speaks of the birth of the Holy Virgin, … More
Joseph a' Christian
False Francis, you filthy mutt
You speak of The Holy Virgin, purity. Therefore you perverse homo, you speak of what you do not know.
Holy Virgin Mary, Pure Vessel, Mother of Christ Jesus our King, our Savior, pray for me, a sinner who lusts and deceives. Please intervene for me,
With shoes like that who cares
Don Francesco...

This sycophant makes me wanna .

Who is it?