Three Priests Sue Diocese for Being Included in Controversial List of “Abusers”

Monsignor Michael Heras who was removed from ministry in 2014, and Father John Feminelli who retired in 2007, have sued Corpus Christi Bishop Michael Mulvey, Texas.

The reason: They were included on a list of priests "credibly" accused of “sexual abuse to minors.”

On July 11, Bishop Mulvey asked a Texas Judge to dismiss the lawsuits because according to him it's not the court's place to decide internal Church matters.

The two priests countered that Mulvey knew his "defamatory" statement was “false” and that he acted “with reckless disregard for the truth" and “with malice." They stressed that the list was published beyond the diocese.

Feminelli was accused of attempting to “seduce a young boy” in the 1980s, Heras of “inappropriate conduct.” A third priest, Msgr. Jesús García Hernando, who was removed from ministry in 1994, filed a similar lawsuit last month.

The list of “credibly” accused Corpus Christi diocesan priests goes back seven decades and contains 26 names of which 11 are deceased. Only two priests were actually criminally convicted.
La conciliaire lave son linge sale en famille...
That's what is in order: FIGHT BACK, COUNTER ATTACK, LET THEM FEEL SOME PAIN!!!!! As Joe Gould says (charachter from Cinderella Man): "I guarantee you: they're not gonna like it!!!!!"...
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Father Corapi is another victim of Bishop Mulvey. How could you do this B. Mulvey ????????? What sort of a person are you??
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