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Vatican Prosecutes Immigrant

Romio, a legal immigrant from Bangladesh risks a prison sentence because the Vatican is prosecuting him through a prestigious law firm for selling badges with the face of Pope Francis without having payed royalties, writes (December 20).

The immigrant was arrested by the Italian Guardia di Finanza because he displayed in his souvenir shop, near the Vatican, four badges with the face of Francis without the permission of the company to which the Vatican has outsourced its brand. concedes that Romio has violated some minor regulation but points out that Francis has insisted on welcoming also illegal immigrants who have violated major norms by entering a country in an unlawful way.

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Dr Stuart Reiss ,why you always commenting negatively on other peoples comments ,if they dont agree with your way of thinking . i have seen it ,why dont you give up !
Jim Dorchak
I wonder if Francis is an Illegal Migrant? Just asking..........
Money makes the church go sound
He is being prosecuted because he is a legal immigrant ,it would be Ok if he was an illegal immigrant ,i guess ?????