Priest Calls Family Congress “Disgrace”

Father Luigi Ciotti, 73, a leftwing activist, called the Verona World Congress of Families (29-31 March) a “disgrace.”

Ciotti suggested to oligarch owned Roman Radio Capital that the Congress is “going backwards” stressing that “Pope Francis has indicated ways, path, modalities that help to read today’s times.”

After his outburst he asks for “respect for all paths, for the persons, their search, their way” without noticing the contradiction.

Italian Communists, homosexuals and other perverts have also unleashed a hate campaign against the Congress.

Ciotti is an anti-Catholic anti-mafia and anti-drug activist. In March 2014 Pope Francis entered hand in hand with him into the Roman church San Gregorio VII. Ciotti is on first-name terms with Francis.

Pius X. Beppo Sarto. Pope. Saint.

What has that got to do with George of Buenos Aires—neither saint nor even pope.

Since for the first time in history we have two men happy to coexist each claiming to be Pope, while only one can be truly pope, I and my household choose the Catholic one.

Happy Feast of The Annunciation, the greatest event in human history.
What to think of Pius X?

“There can be no holiness where there is disagreement with the Pope.” -Pope St. Pius X (Address to the Priests of the Apostolic Union, Nov. 18, 1912; in Acta Apostolicae Sedis 4 [1912], p. 695)
St. Pius X is a saint. Unlike George of Bueunos Aires, he was actually a pope too.
today,s times are a lot like evil times .,we need to go back to the Gospel as its written not about what a communist activist says
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