The Cruel Death of a Loving Mother

On December 29, 2017, gunmen attacked Coptic Christians leaving a church on the southern outskirts of Cairo.

Nermeen Sadiq, the mother of Nesma Wael, 13, and her sister Karen, 8, was one of the nine Christians killed during the attack.

Nermeen had left the church after Mass when she saw that how a motorcycle that was heading toward the church was involved in an accident. She rushed to the victim and asked, “In the name of Jesus Christ, are you okay?”

But the motorcyclist got up and opened fire with an automatic weapon.

Nermeen's daughter Nesma could reach a small supermarket where the sales girl hid her behind the refrigerator.

When the attack was over Nesma found her mother laying on the street. She was still alive and told her, “Do not be afraid, I’m with you. Obey your father and take care of your sister.”

Her mother was left on the street for a whole hour. When she was taken into the ambulance, she had died.

Source: Aid to the Church in Need (April 26).
Picture: Nesma, 13, Karen, 8, © Aid to the Church in Need
Kids, we pray for you.
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Let us pray for these and all Christians in the middle east...
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