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Vatican Hands Chinese Catholics Over To Their Persecutors

Steven Mosher, an American social scientist specialized on Chinese population control, criticised a forthcoming deal between the Vatican and the Chinese Communists.

Talking to EWTN (February 1), Mosher explained that in six years of negotiations with the Vatican, the Chinese regime has not made any concessions whatsoever, “Even if they made concessions they could not be trusted to keep them.”

According to Mosher, the Vatican is “negotiating the surrender of the underground Church” to a regime that “clearly wants to eliminate” it.

He compares the situation to ancient Rome: “It’s roughly like a Roman emperor who is in the midst of persecuting Catholics in Rome being given control over the Church in Rome.”

This evil false "Pope" needs to be released from his position as assumed "head of the Roman Catholic Church." He is clearly in the pay of the Communists.

Foulest Treachery.... So little concern being voiced by the upper Hierarchy. Perhaps they are all suffering from the "Diabolical Disorientation" that Our Lady warned would sweep the Church
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Aderito, evils comforms with itself.
Why is the vatican conforming with evil ?????