Scandal-Hit Bishop Resigns in India

Pope Francis accepted on December 10 the resignation of Cuddapah Bishop Prasad Gallela, 56, South East India.

Two Catholics had filed a criminal complaint against him in a court in Andhra Pradesh. One of them, Mesa Ravi Kumar, 40, alleged that Gallela used funds from overseas donations and money meant for public welfare to buy properties for his concubine and a 20-year-old son who is now in college.

Kumar showed 24 documents such as a 12-digit unique identification number identifying Gallela as the husband of his alleged wife.

According to priests of the diocese, Gallela used to spend less than a week a month at the bishop’s house. Nobody knew where he was during the rest of the time. Gallela said the woman was his late brother's widow.

In April 2016 Gallela was kidnapped and beaten by some of his own priests, and released after a ransom was paid.

Picture: Prasad Gallela, #newsQooesjnhmc
At least the alleged lover was a woman not male like the typical Euro-American Episcopal live interest eg Tobin.
Holy Cannoli
While the bishop maintains his innocence and far be it for me to publicly condone any form of unrestrained violence either physical or verbal, there are times when some folks need a good beating.
If this sort of thing happened a little more often (In April 2016 Gallela was kidnapped and beaten by some of his own priests) we would likely have a lot less of this.

Just a thought.