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Fear That Panama’s World Youth May Be Flop – Only 150.000 Registered

Alessandro Gisotti, the Interim Director of the Holy See Press Office, admitted (January 18) that only about 150,000 people have signed up for World Youth Day in Panama (January 22 to 27).

He hopes more to come who have not registered.The location for the main event has a capacity of 700.000 people.

Gisotti excuses the small crowd explaining that students in North America and Europe are at school.

At the last three World Youth Days in Spain (2011), Brazil (2013) and Poland (2016) there were between 2 and 4 million people.

In the current circumstances Going to WYD Panama is an act of apostasy in which the Catholic faith is denied to support a delinquent like Bergoglio who is an accomplice of several homosexuals, serial predators of seminarians. It is the total desensitization of young people for other young Catholics who have been victims of sexual abuse.
Holy Cannoli
Logo for World Youth Day 2019 January 22-27 released
Snake Eats Cross
Holy Cannoli
This logo was chosen as the winner from 103 total entries. The formal explanation of the image is contrived and attempts to mask what actually appears.
It looks to me like a snake that first swallowed a wrench. I see something of a humpback whale too. Yes, a humpback whale eating it's offspring. oy
Jim Dorchak
Pope hanging out with youth = run away... fast... run... run....
There are not many people in the world today, who knowing Christ would believe for one moment that He has now become impure and sympathetic or "tolerant" of homosexuals. Those evil "Priests" trying to convince Christ's Flock that God has changed are demonically inspired and give witness to the state that our souls can sink to as soon as the Holy Spirit leaves us to undergo our just and fatal … More
one wonders what our youngsters are being thought there ?... are our churches overflowing with young adults - is this young generation standing up for their faith in our Lord and Savior - how many go back to their homes and country without a peep of this supposedly beautiful journey - what morals are they giving our youth ...
one can think that this young generation is seeing more transparency… More
The people around Pope Francis are not the sharpest, are they? WYD in Panama very likely struck them as a safe bet, even in January. Not so.