Catholic University John Paul II in Lublin Submits to Undue Pressure

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, has stabbed Father Tadeusz Guz (58), a professor of philosophy, who is known beyond Poland, in the bag. Guz, who teaches in Lublin, is a former professor at the Gustav-Siewerth-Akademie in Germany, where Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger also used to teach.

On May 13th, at a conference organized by the Polish Ministry of the Environment and the University of Social and Media Culture in Toruń, Guz gave a lecture on "A philosophical analysis of the ideological foundations of the animalisation of men and the humanization of animals and trees."

Guz showed, among other things, that the extremist ecology movement is an atheistic, nihilistic current, that has its roots in Neo-Marxism and rejects God as the creator.

The commercial media in Poland, which are often German owned, answered Guz's arguments with an irrational outcry. Immediately, the Catholic University of Lublin dissociated itself from its professor. The press officer of the University of Lidia Jaskuła even said, that Guz' statements allegedly "harmed the university's good reputation".

The university urged Guz to apologize to everyone he "has hurt" with his arguments.

Picture: Tadeusz Guz, © EpiskopatNews, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHqvugjdldu
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Fr. Guz is also known for refuting the heresy of protestantism. Unfortunately this year, he has been asked by his Bp. not to speak negatively on Luther. The leftists in and out of CC are silencing Catholic priests and truth. Pray for him. Polish Catholics are petitioning in support of Fr. Guz... SIGN PETITION HERE
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