Dutch Priest Removed After He Criticized Homosexual Fornication

Father Marc Massaer will leave his parish Sint-Christoffel in West Maas en Waal, Netherlands, on July 1.

The background: Massaer was attacked by the pro-gay oligarch media after he criticized on December 26 the “indoctrination of gender ideology” and called homosexuality “radically opposed to the order of creation.”

He belongs to the diocese of ’s-Hertogenbosch. This former conservative diocese has been led since 2016 by pro-gay bishop Gerard de Korte, 63.

Massaer was ordered by his bishop to leave on short notice and to publish the news himself on the parish website (May 7).

Picture: Gerard Johannes Nicolaus de Korte, © Sjouker, CC BY-SA, #newsYlgupeadea
Perhaps he can join retired Bishop Vitus Huonder of Coire and seek refuge from this madness at Econe, Switzerland, the world headquarters of SSPX?
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Thank You Fr. Massaer for trying to save souls, and teaching the truth.
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The article in Dutch says also:
"Opvallend is dat onder zijn leiding nog geen van de acht katholieke kerkgebouwen in West Maas en Waal zijn gesloten."
"It is particularly striking that not one of the eight Catholic church buildings in" West Maas and Waal "has been closed under his leadership.