Reuters Knows: McCarrick Will Be Dismissed From Priesthood Next Week

Vatican officials will meet next week to decide the fate of disgraced former US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick over allegations of homosexual abuses.

According to (February 8), McCarrick will almost certainly and without any mercy be dismissed from the clerical state.

This move will be highly revealing.

Vatican careerists sacrifice a now useless and innocuous 88-year-old careerist on the media-altar while those who owe their career to him will be allowed to continue spreading the evil modernism, McCarrick brought upon the Church.

Picture: Theodore McCarrick, © World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA, #newsIcgcwkqpfq
The powers that be have decided that this will look good for them. It means nothing. Countless others who think like McCarrick are still around and will jump at the opportunity to take his place.
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Why did it take such a long time ?
Why to dismiss only the head in charge and leave everything else as it is???
Because McCarrick at this point is way past retirement and a neutered figure in the Church. They're sacrificing him on the altar of Baal as a sort of Trojan Horse of their 'appeasement' to the faithful. Anyone who can't see that needs to open their eyes. They have no intention whatsoever to clean up their Satanic filth.
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