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"Individual Case" Trick: Cardinal Marx Blesses Homosexual Couples

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, 64, has emboldened his priests to give homosexuals a liturgical "encouragement” [German: "Zuspruch"] adding, “I don’t see any problems with this.”

Talking to the Bayerischer Rundfunk (February 3), Marx claimed that he does not want his words to be understood as a general approval of blessing gay pseudo-marriages, although this is exactly the effect his statement will have, and Marx knows it.

Marx answered the question whether gay couples could be blessed by saying, “Yes, there are no general solutions.” He wants to introduce gay-blessings with the "case by case" trick and is claiming that blessing gay couples belongs to those things "which cannot be regulated”, although the Church and the Gospel consider every homosexual act a mortal sin.

Nevertheless, Marx wants to burden the parish priests with the decision whether to bless [gravely immoral] homosexual couples or not. Soon, the refusal to bless gay couples will be a reason to fire priests in Germany.

#newsYoqzveghab mentioned this post in Cardinal Marx Lies to the Face of the World, “I Never Called For Gay Blessings”.
Gwaredd Thomas
"Cardinal" Reinhard Marx? Must be some relation to Karl.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Rorate Caeli sees "only ONE explanation for why a cleric reveals himself to be so favorable to homosexuality".
Lisi Sterndorfer
The Destruction of Swedom and Germannah
>>>... Although this is true in the sense that Christ seeks our salvation, not our condemnation (cf. Jn 12:47; 1 Tim 2:4), it is not true in the sense that Christ will not condemn but only save (cf. Mt 25:46; 1 Cor 6:9-10; Jas 2:24). Just guess which sense Schonborn gave to the holy words of our Lord! He spoke them in the context of a prayer service which countless unrepentant sodomites attended … More
Lisi Sterndorfer
Pope Francis was quick to correct Cardinal Sarah over a liturgical opinion that is permitted by the church (ad orientem celebration of Mass) Will he be just as quick to correct Cardinal Marx's blatant false teaching about the blessing of same sex unions?
As these poor souls fall into hell the cardinal is cheering them on. The poor cardinal will be much lower in hell then them because he led them there.
Perhaps the Cardinal has for so long dealt with pastoral issues on a 'case by case' basis that he has wandered so far off the beaten track that he no longer knows he's lost.
Shame ,shame on this Cardinal ,
Tired of all this coded language garbage. It's plain to see that many of the bishops and priests are eager to allow homosexual behavior in the church because a good amount of them are homosexuals and pedophiles in disguise.
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If this isn't playing footsies with each other I don't know what is. Here is Marx, Holding hands and playing footsies.
In other words, liberal Protestantism.
Fr. Longenecker, "Cardinal Marx Joins the Anglican Church"…
The wealthiest conference of Bishops in the world is the furthest from the real Teachings of the Church and Jesus Himself.
De Profundis
Homosexuality has been here since right after Eden. But now it's coming into the ascendancy.
They don't care and don't want to see they have another god to serve who is Lucifer the light Bearer God of pleasure and delight.They are all involved deeply.
Can't they see the real problems or don't they want to see it?
36,7 million people are living with HIV globally
30% don´t know their status
Mortality Rates Remain High Among HIV-Positive Patients
Special treatment only for some is unsustainable.
Communion for the divorced and remarried "in some cases", blessing homosexual unions "in some cases", contraception "in some cases",...
Germany has caused more wars and more trouble in the world than any other nation in the world its nobility has to go they are no good. Its people are good but the royal households are no good. They have killed millions if not billions of their own people and have caused the destruction of the church since its the capital hub of the freemansons.