Mystery Revealed: Why Auxiliary Bishop Retired Shortly After Nomination

A Public Prosecutor in Rome indicted Capuchin Father Giovanni Salonia, 71, a psycho-therapists much appreciated in liberal Italian Church circles.

Salonia is accused of having "forced" a nun during psycho-therapeutical sessions between 2009 and 2013 to perform and undergo sexual acts, according to Il Messaggero (July 7).

In February 2017, Pope Francis named Salonia an auxiliary bishop to Palermo Archbishop Corrado Lorefice, a liberal Francis appointment who entered Palermo cathedral on a bicycle.

But two month later, before being consecrated, Salonia resigned under mysterious circumstances.

He proclaims his innocence.

Lol most of Francis' clerics are perverts. Francis will burn. Repent while there is time.
Strange, a friend of Francis who likes women. If only he could abuse seminarians, then he could have been protected. likes this.