NYC police investigate dead fetus...why?

Photo: Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News

The New York City police are searching for the cause of death for a baby of 20-weeks gestation found in the street.

One might wonder why the city would spend resources determining a cause of death when a preborn baby at any age can be killed for any reason. For certain, their reason is not to determine if the babe was killed humanely since there has never been anything "humane" about abortion.

Governor Cuomo recently celebrated with cheers and laughter New York's legalization of abortion at any time for any reason and the same week Governor Northam of Virginia casually described allowing a baby to die who survives an abortion attempt.

Our society is suffering the effects of having forgotten God who is the author of life.
You're right they are serious about littering. But why determine the cause of death? The baby will end up in the trash, either way. Well, as medical waste, he/she may help keep the lights on tonight via the electricity-producing incinerator on the East Coast. (I apologize for the harshness.)
Serious answer: ...because it was found in the street. NYC is serious about stopping littering. If the infant had been found hanging half-out of a garbage can behind an abortion clinic, no one would care.