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Pope Benedict XVI the Brave

600 defrocked pedophile priests weren’t enough for the world, you walked tough against communists yet you saw what the traitors around you were trying to do, to establish the communist China church as part of the one true faith, Cardinal Kung sounded the alarm and you stopped them.

My dear true pope… perhaps you don’t see yourself as good, perhaps some might say you were terrible, but I say to you with my heart in my hand, that you are Peter and I stand with you.

I’m just another sheep, who got his heart broken with your incomplete resignation, but now I am happy to know that you outsmarted the wolves around you, knowing what was coming, honoring our Mother of Fatima when you gave them the structures.

Yes you stood up to Mohammed and the cowards made you walk back, but the words were truthful and truth never dies, Islam is not a religion of peace.

You acknowledge the decadence build in the new rite making your enemies grind their teeth, then you took the excommunications to the SSPX Bishops and made Latin essential for the laity, proclaimed the ancient rite not prohibited and vital for those who wanted to love God through it.

You are indeed, that white Bishop who will be martyred by the world, your suffering perhaps is not seen by all, but it’s known it’s there… The Church will become small you once prophesied, giving echo to many prophecies from our dear Patriarchs, Saints, Martyrs and Popes… the Church is becoming small as the anti-church grows and grows.

From your hometown Germany they are attacking your legacy and the prophecies, puppets of the false prophet: Judas clothed as Peter: Francis… Germany is the assistant of the Antichrist’s assistant, despite that, you are taking your time, to let them know who’s boss.

God is boss, our Lord Jesus did not came down from the Cross like they wanted Him to do, you will be known as Benedict the brave, you know this is the only way to go back to Divine Grace and let the smoke of satan out forever, the chaff must be separated from the wheat and this is the only way.

You are brave despite you know you did mistakes, you know and you have said it nostra aetate is dangerous… the ecumenism fathers had it with you, resisted, pushed you out and promoted their “guy”, no more teaching Latin in Churches, no more doing Tridentine masses without permission, instead false mercy everywhere and hellish confusion everyone.

This was allowed because we didn’t believe and I know you know you had a hand in all of this in the beginning, but like Peter you came back to your senses and tried to amend little by little.

When you resigned I felt like naked in the streets, many felt the same way I did… but seen the signs from Heaven and the rotten fruits from the Top, I know God allowed this to let Jesus return and take chaff and let them burn.

Pope Benedict you will be known as pope Benedict the brave, because not anyone can do what you have with you Lord’s permission, many wish you were dead my dear dry martyr, but the pinnacle of it all will make their wish into action and let your blood spilled violently into the ground.

Like St Ignatius knew the lions were coming, you knew the wolves were around you but didn’t hide from them, but soon they will grow weary and attack… like the Martyrs of the past your will let your flesh be taken away, you know this… you are indeed brave.

I wish I could hug you in person true pope, but I’ll let a seminarian trick do, I’ll imagine you’re in front of me and I’ll hug you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Pope Benedict The Brave Absolutely! Pope Benedict XVI has taken the Church on his shoulders! His sacrifice is great! GOD has given him
A special mission! The mind of Pope Benedict XVI is beyond our compression, his humility Is a testament to his profound Love Christ has for all his Children! I also would love to hug this Pope and I did in a dream!
Excellent Fr. Belland, Thank you
For all you naysayers, especially those who have not read my post below, can you deny that Satan is not in control within the Vatican? Fr. Amorth (RIP), the former Chief Exorcist of Rome, had been warning about the involvement of the Satan within the Church for years. And just recently Bishop Athanasius Schneider stated that there are prelates in the Vatican who have not the true Faith, which is … More
So he abdicated! So he did not resign! So he is pope! Great courage pope Benedict XVI. Little reason n2999c!
Believe what you want, in the end Benedict answers to God and God didn't stop anything... from V2 to his irregular cast out.
So you abdicated! Great courage.
@rafal_oville yes he will.
Will Peter come to himself, and his apostles to him?
FYI... I don't reply to bergoglians anymore.
@frdbelland Thank you my friend for your kind words... a big Hug in Jesus Christ. Amen
@PaulNY The greatest chasticement God has for mankind is giving us bad priests... for decades holy popes called out the modernists, time after time, modernism were growing and growing like a cancer and despite the best efforts of amazing and beloved popes, modernism grew.

Many of this modernists were very active, some others kept to themselves but that didn't stop them to do harm to their … More
And in the end, he left us to the wolves. I don't see the bravery there and the shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep.
This "true" pope will absolutely not see himself as good, and moreover, he will absolutely not see himself as true pope. Amazing how people can identify people against the explicit self-understanding of the person in question. Em.pope Benedict would strongly deny such claims that he would be "the true pope". He would find that ridiculous because he always confirms pope Francis as the legitimate … More
How consoling it is to hear a "voice in the wilderness" pointing to the true Pope and setting the record straight. As Cardinal Cerejeira told the participants at the opening of a tour of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima across Italy in 1959, “It is an apocalyptic hour for the world. These are frightening winds from hell which are blowing, and the elect themselves are allowing … More
Sure say what you want, Benedict said the truth about them even though later he said sorry to maintain peace and save Christians in the middle east.
@yuca2111 A communist news network article where the pope said jihad and he's sorry for saying that?? Check this one out:
Stood up to the muhammadans?? No, he prayed with them in their mosque.…/A184rcRatzMosqu…