Mass Lay-offs at Cardinal Schönborn's Institute, the International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria

Dr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau, President of the International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria, has laid off 5 faculty members and 4 support staff this past week. In addition, he announced that the Institute will no longer offer Licentiate or Doctorate degrees, other than in marriage and family.

Cardinal Schönborn, the Grand Chancellor, is said to have been intimately involved in the selection of the particular faculty, which includes Pater Rupert Mayer, Fr. Joseph Veresh, Dr. Markus Riedenauer, Dr. William Newton, and Dr. Gudrun Kugler. This round of lay offs follows the more discrete dismissal of the beloved Church History professor, Dr. Alan Fimister, last summer, and, ultimately has its origins in the coup last January, wherein the previous President, Msgr. Dr. Larry Hogan, was supplanted by the Cardinal's choice pick, even though Alting von Geusau had not the academic credentials to be the rector of a pontifical theological institute.

For those familiar with the ITI, this most recent action strikes at the heart of the Institute's mission of reading St. Thomas Aquinas, bridging the gap between Eastern Catholicism and Western, and specialization in marriage in family. One wonders the new direction this historically very orthodox institute is heading.

Students are reportedly in arms, writing letters, and considering leaving the Institute if things are not fixed immediately.

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