Hoax Accusations Against Cardinal Gulbinowicz at Dead End

The Breslau Public Prosecutor's Office, Poland, decided not to press charges against Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz, 95, the former Breslau archbishop, due to statute of limitations.

The homosexual Karol Chum [from “cum”, sperm], whose true name is Przemysław Kowalczyk, told the anti-Church Gazeta Wyborcza a juicy story.

In January 1989, when he was a 15-year-old alumnus at the Franciscan Minor Seminary in Legnica, he was sent to the Breslau curia in order "to collect a parcel."

Because he had to wait “a long time”, he was eventually offered to spend the night in the Curia. When Kowalczyk was already in bed, Gulbinowicz “entered the bedroom without knocking” in order to “massage” his private parts for a few minutes. Then "he left."

The Curia took Kowalczyk‘s accusations “very seriously” and tried to contact him. After a short exchange of letters, he refused to meet with the diocesan delegate declaring that the [abuse-business] Foundation "Have no Fear" would represent him.

The foundation was started by the scammer Marek Lisiński who fooled Francis into kissing his hands.

Kowalczyk told his story for the first time 22 years ago to the niche gay-propagnada monthly Inaczej, however he did not mention the name of his “abuser” then.