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Francis Had “a Fit of Anger”

Pope Francis is preparing a counter-attack against those five bishops who signed a public correction of Amoris Laetitia, the blog Anonimi della Croce writes. The correction has so far been ignored by the official Vatican media.

Referring to an anonymous source, Francis had a Tuesday night meeting with his press officers and advisers on how to respond. According to the source Francis was angry and shouting, “They will regret it! They will regret it bitterly!".

According to Anonimi della Croce Francis’ strategy will be not to answer personally, instead he gave carte blanche to his official and unofficial press officers in order to start a media campaign against the five courageous bishops.

Sunamis 46
He has almost every day behind the cameras
If he does so it is his highest compliment for these five Princes of our Holy Mother Church who are in the very succession of St. Athanasius.
This is rumour and nothing more. Wait and see what will actually happen.
Brethren! Let's start New Year with some optimism and pray for Holy Father Benedict XVI at the Cross...
paul grech
Typical heretic and dictator!
Where is your mercy ? pope francis,
Jim Dorchak
Such a nice and merciful man................. aaahhhh
Stonka Ziemniaczana
Third Fatima Secret: Pope under control of Satan.
Listen to the Art Bell radio broadcast from 90's with Malachi Martin.
Real prophecy.