Is It Immodest to Wear Deliberately Ripped Clothes?

Perhaps one of the more sensitive personal issues you can raise with people is that of dress. How you dress has become a purely personal affair. Most are left to their own opinion as to what is appropriate.

There are, of course, some limits. Most Catholics will admit in theory that there is something that might be labeled “immoral or immodest dress.” These are clothes (or the lack thereof) that cover the body insufficiently and therefore are not morally or socially acceptable.

However, outside this extreme, most people seem to think they can wear anything, anywhere and at any time without any consequences. Clothes don’t have to be clean anymore. People can wear clothes that are deliberately ripped, stained and full of holes without fear of rejection. Clothes don’t even have to be clothes anymore. They can be shredded rags, the dingier the better.

Making Clothes Look Distressed
Such tattered garments are called “distressed” clothes (rightfully so), and they are becoming increasingly fashionable. It’s not just amateurs haphazardly ripping up faded jeans or retailers making random tears anymore. It is going mainstream.
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There is a difference between dressing immodestly and dressing badly. It's possible to do both, of course, or to do one without the other. Frankly, ripped clothing looks shabby, tacky and declasse regardless of whether it is "immodest" or not.
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Ripped or weather jeans are straight from the pits of hell!!!
If you took someone, and dragged him on the ground with your car, how is this destroyed appearance called fashion?

Hollywood/ freemasonry has started this fashion trend....
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Find me a saint throughout the entire church history that was not covered up and modest to appearance.....
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It depends on the work. I spent years in IT, where there is no contact with the public, and jeans were fine. One guy , who had worked at Cape Canaveral, came to work wearing safari shorts and a pith helmet. He was, btw, very good at his job and a character.
Jeans are for working in the barn, cutting wood, weeding the garden, working on the car. And no, ripped jeans are not in fashion like some think. Men, never wear jeans on a date or to a job interview. They are not for work. I don't care how much you paid for them. Acceptable at country line dance. Whew!! ...had to get that off my chest.
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