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SSPX: Rebellion Among the Faithful in Paris

On May 10th the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) sacked eight leading priests of the French district for having signed a statement critical of the SSPX's position concerning a recognition of SSPX marriages by the Vatican. Among them was Father Patrick de la Rocque, until then the priest in charge of Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris, perhaps the biggest SSPX parish.

Last Sunday before the homily the superior of the French district, Father Christian Bouchacourt, read a statement in Saint Nicolas justifying the measure. While he spoke, a third to half of the audience temporarily left the church as a sign of protest, according to Another dozen started singing a decade of the rosary underneath the pulpit, which caused a minor dispute.

According to the gap between the leadership of the SSPX and its French clergy, which predominantly is hostile to a non-doctrinal rapprochement with Rome, still seems profound.

Picture: Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet, © Tales of a Wanderer, Flickr, CC BY-NC, #newsGgozdanzye

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Isabella of Spain
Well done France time to rid the SSPX of it's masonic priests.
actually tbswv that is completely not sure who told you that but that has never been the case...faculties to witness marriages are not inherent to the priesthood...they are given by lawful superior...the sspx has a good argument for supplied jurisdiction...but the idea that they can do it simply because their priests is theologically erroneous...and thats got nothing to do with … More
Here we go again with Modernists vs. Neo traditionalists. Got news for you: Any validly ordained priest who using the proper rubrics and prayers validly performs the sacrament of matrimony. The Vatican does not give the seal of approval for such an action. What has this church become?
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