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Archbishop “Puzzled” About Francis’ Stance On Protestant Communion

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, Canada, has called Protestant Communion in Germany “ill-advised”, “doctrinally impossible”, “against Catholic teaching” and “spiritually unfruitful”.

Talking to (May 23), Prendergast calls for faithfulness to Catholic doctrine instead of undermining it.

According to Prendergast, it is "puzzling to learn that the Holy Father told the [German] bishops that whatever they determine is acceptable as long as they all agree.”

Picture: Terrence Prendergast, ©, #newsEighlauvkb
The archbishop posted this today on twitter (in civil clothes) "In St Louis this Friday morning of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: breakfast with those I’ll ordain to the Jesuit priesthood tomorrow: Jason LaLonde, David Paternostro, Michael Wegenka and Penn Dawson; your prayers for them and their future ministries gratefully accepted."
GJA Taylor
Who cares what the German "bishops" agree on. They talk drivel.
Puzzled? I think outrage would be a better response.
Archbishop “Puzzled” About Francis’ Stance On Protestant Communion

Puzzled???? Is he joking?? The fake adulterous pontiff hails a statue of Luther and the Archbishop is flabbergasted to find elements of protestantism & contempt for Catholic Tradition in his attitudes?

Pope Benedict is stated to have resigned half the Chair, in order that there might be TWO Popes on the See of Peter.

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