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Francis Divulges a Wrong Notion Of China

Chinese authorities demolished in January 2018 the Protestant Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen, Shanxi province.

According to ChinaAid (January 11), the construction of the building costed almost $2,6 million. This money was raised from local worshipers in a poor Chinese region. In the last decade, thousands of crosses were removed from churches throughout China, and dozens of churches demolished.

Nevertheless, Pope Francis claimed in January 2017 that “you can practice your faith in China.”

#newsEmkdkwntha mentioned this post in Parolin’s Campaign To Be Pope Is Desperate After China Fiasco.
Francis double talks with duplicity. He does not mean by " your faith" Christianity or Catholicism he means freemansons communism and socialism.When he says " you can worship god in China" he doesn't mean our God Jesus Christ he's talking about the Manson god "Lucifer" the light Bearer its a pun on words. Using words similar to Catholicism and freemanson gives him a certain hidden freedom to … More
Pope Francis sends Christians to the lions.
Lisi Sterndorfer
After Pius XI made with the Mexican Communists, 5.000 Cristeros were killed.
De Profundis
How many Chinese Catholics will die because of Pope Francis' betrayal?