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"Conservative" Cardinal Favours Communion for Protestants

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban, South Africa, has come to believe after a chat with a "bishop" of the local Methodist Church that this person shares "the Catholic Church’s belief and teaching on the Eucharist” - although this is not the teaching of the Methodists.

Napier asked in an email to (April 4) the question, "What good reason would I have for not giving him Holy Communion, if he were to say he needed to receive in order to save his soul?’”

According to Catholic doctrine, a Methodist who comes to this conclusion is obliged by God and his conscience to become a Catholic. Before receiving Holy Communion he needs to go to confession.

Nevertheless, Napier believes that the case of the Methodist leader is what the German bishops had in mind when they [abusively] introduced Holy Communion for Protestants.

Picture: Wilfrid Napier, © GovernmentZA, CC BY-SA, #newsLcqrzsmmsf
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I would say to him that he needed to convert to the true church to save his soul.
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Just like the S. African gov't, corrupt. Meanwhile, S. African gov't is singing and dancing to the genocide of whites in their country.
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Napier also thinks that God made a mistake with CO² (Laudato si). Poor God, if only He knew what Francis knows.😆
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