Gänswein Is in “Very Good Contact” With Francis

Archbishop Georg Gänswein admitted that he had “initial difficulties” with Pope Francis [although, at the time, he said the opposite].

Talking to the German agency DPA (August 2), Gänswein explained that the challenges were [only?] due to the different personalities and governing styles of Benedict XVI and Francis.

But in the meantime, "we make amicable arrangements," Gänswein explains. And, "We are in a very good contact.”

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXhyqteznko
not one stone left upon another , laugh while you can suns of lucifer
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Gänswein faithfully serves Bergoglio while he is unfaithful to Christ and betrays Catholic moral doctrine. He is an accomplice of Bergoglio.