Bishop Schneider: Francis Will Cause "Spiritual Eclipse" In Church

Clergy in the Amazon has been promoting "adoration of nature" in place of the Gospel for decades, Bishop Athanasius Schneider wrote on (July 17).

Schneider has lived for many years in the Brazilian Amazon, and was ordained a priest there. He informs of a „betrayal” of the Gospel in large parts of the region.

According to him those behind the Amazon Synod intend to legitimate this betrayal worldwide. He qualifies the Synod’s working document as “gnostic” and “naturalistic”.

Schneider calls on Francis not to support the document's ideas by silence or ambiguity, nor to abolish celibacy because by doing so Francis would create a spiritual eclipse in the Church.

[But the working document was wanted and approved by Francis, so, this time, there is neither silence nor ambiguity from his part.]

Since when the apostasy is called "spiritual eclipse." Perhaps Monsignor Athanasius Schneider is so naive that he does not know that with this Bergoglio is violating the First Commandment.
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