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Germans Now Promote Communion for Lutherans

After having introduced Holy Communion for divorcees and Protestants decades ago, the German Bishops now battle for an official recognition of such abuses.

On November 15, their webpage spoke with Jörg und Beate Beyer of Tübingen, Germany, both lay theologians, who live in a mixed marriage. Jörg is a Lutheran but he receives Communion when attending Mass with his wife, although he never goes to confession.

He says in the interview that the local Bishop Gebhard Fürst of Rottenburg-Stuttgart agrees with this.

Jörg Beyer sees no difference between a consecrated host and the Lutheran Last Supper bread. Therefore he says, “I find the preservation of hosts in the tabernacle and the veneration of the Blessed Sacrament on Corpus Christi irritating.”

Picture: Gebhard Fürst, © Harald Gehrig , CC BY-SA, #newsNmfxdqmdka
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