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Violent mob threatens firm defender of marriage, children

Last evening an angry, violent mob descended on the home of a prominent news reporter, vandalizing property and threatening his family with a pipe bomb:…/tucker-carlson-…

In studio at the time, this news reporter, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, was rebuking so-called conservatives with a stinging condemnation for their failure to substantially uphold families and declared, "Supporting marriage and children is the best, maybe the only way, for Republicans or any of us to save the country."

At this time, no members of the Antifa group responsible for the mob attack on his home - Smash Racism DC - have been arrested. This is the same mob responsible for recently running Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a restaurant.
Yes I agree that the GOP is inept and ineffective. They truly are not conservative, but neo-conservative. Paul Ryan is a perfect example of this.
This mob who bullies people in the streets, destroys property, shows up at people's homes to intimidate their wives and children, have the audacity to call themselves "antifa," short for anti-fascist. Got that? They're against fascism. And if they don't like you or what you say or stand for, they'll bully you and threaten you into silence.

It doesn't occur to these nitwits that it is THEY who … More
@tbswv, in the video link I share, Tucker is actually taking on conservatives for not truly being conservatives. I've never heard a major news person say our only answer is supporting marriage and children! Wow!
It is amusing to see Tucker take on the liberal establishment and make them all look like the fools. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.