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Cardinal, "What Is All That Nonsense Of Benedict XVI Dressing In White?"

The resignation of Benedict XVI on February 11, 2013 has created an “odd solution”, writes the journalist Damian Thompson.

Writing in the Catholic Herald (February 2), Thompson cites an anonymous cardinal who said about Benedict XVI's demission, “What’s all that nonsense of dressing in white? He should have been Cardinal Ratzinger again.”

Thompson asks whether Benedict XVI's resignation “secularised the office of the Supreme Pontiff” adding, “Who was the true moderniser: Francis or Benedict?”

Dr Stuart Reiss you have not cited any of my words directly stating 'Francis is a heretic', what you have accused me of. I hope you are not lying nor being confused. Again, demonstrate basic intellectual honesty by proving your point citing direct quotation from my comment. Then, I may reply to facts not confabulation. Otherwise apologize or I will have to react to your intellectual reasoning in … More
Maybe Benedict is telling us something.
This is just another novelty (two popes confiding with each other) new Rome uses to quietly hide the real cause for Benedict's stepping down. We can thank his butler for exposing the truth. Two crimes: one, the laundering of money at the Vatican Bank; and second, the coverup by Benedict of known peodophile bishops and priests. Recall who was the cardinal responsible for investigating these … More
Dr Stuart Reiss if I may kindly ask you to provide a citation with link where I have declared "Pope Francis is a heretic" in context of my position to the present situation? I hope you have the ability to distinguish between material and formal heresy. Moreover, to make a distinction between Pope Benedict XVI and Francis you should make distinction between potency and act. To be precise someone … More
Dr Stuart Reiss/ Josephmary
God's wisdom has HIS ways to show anthropocentric foolishness before punishmnent is executed onto them for disobedeince and disloyalty. Following are God's words to those who are more pope than Pope and rudely ignorant. "The good person brings forth the good thing out of the good treasure[y] of his heart. And the evil person brings forth the evil thing out of his … More
Apparently no one has read all 35 to 40 books Mr bendict wrote. He's a an apostate a heretic a rogue a traitor and excommunicated by what he wrote in each and every book by his own hand. He can't be trusted he played a major roll at vatican 2 and he is a 33 degree freemanson the whole world knows this and he's gay.