Jesuit Superior General: Devil Is "Not A Person", "Only Symbolic”

The devil "is not a person" but "a way to implement evil,” the Superior General of the Jesuits, Father Arturo Sosa, 70, claimed in front of (August 21).

Sosa insisted on the truism that the devil is "not a person in the way of a human person,” and came up with the explanation that Satan is "a way how evil is present in the human life."

Sosa's conclusion, "The devil exists as symbolic reality, not as personal reality." Already in 2017, Sosa tried to sell the same heresy.

According to Church teaching, all devils are “personal and immortal creatures” who have like human persons intelligence and will (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Nr 330).

Picture: Arturo Sosa, #newsRkcldxffmt
In 1978, this guy wrote, in the Venezuelan equivalent of America magazine (Sic magazine) an article whose tittle was The Marxist Mediation of the Catholic Faith (La mediación marxista de la fecatólica). What can you expect? And this is the man Frank, the kabbalist-communist, chose to lead his order while he is the one sitting at Peter's chair!!!!!!!!
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In the picture of the original interview, Sosa SJ is dressed like a cook
Well, he will change his mind when he meets him, I can't say have fun!
Yeah so is the Jesuit superior general. Symbolic of the diabolical influence seen through out all the Jesuits.
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By dressing like my neighbor down the street I'm wondering if he thinks the priesthood is a symbolic reality rather than a personal reality.
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