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Cardinal Sarah, "God Knows No Confusion"

Cardinal Robert Sarah has pointed out to in January that “God knows no confusion”, an implicit reference to the general confusion Pope Francis has produced in the Church.

Therefore, according to Sarah, God’s mercy knows to clearly distinguish between the sheep and the goats, “His merciful action is rigorous and strong because he wants it to be salutary.”

Sarah explains that every father of a family or good physician knows how to show his beloved children or his patients a "demanding affection" taking care of them "without concessions" in order to favour their education and healing.

Picture: © François-Régis Salefran, CC BY-SA, #newsTemjdaackd
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Cardinal Sarah ,i like you ,because you tell ,the way it is ,,Jesus said "Yes when it is Yes and No when its no " anything in between is not from God
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