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“Some Bishops Are Engaging In Homosexual Activity” – Father Weinandy

It has become apparent that some members of the clergy, "including bishops", engage in homosexual activity, Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy told on December 13.

Weinandy explains that they "prey upon seminarians and young men” and "form gay networks".

He calls for addressing the issue of homosexual clergy at the upcoming Vatican abuse summit "if the meeting is to be taken seriously".

There are widespread fears that summit will hide behind the smoke-screen of "pedophilia" in order to hush up the true reasons of the problem.

Picture: Thomas Weinandy, #newsWzrcwqszme
Lisi Sterndorfer
Pentin published privately (it seems to not be targeted as Journalist of the Register) more from this interview:

Weinandy: "The Vatican seems at times to promote the gay Agenda."

Weinandy: "What we have learned is that what Pope Francis says has little meaning in and of itself. The real Pope Francis is only seen within his actions, and his actions often are in conflict with his words."

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I read those remarks in LSN
That is exactly what I truly believe. Say something and then do the opposite. That way you confuse many who sre UNWARY, NAIVE and ignorant if the Truth and FACTS. Unfortunately, there is a humongous group of this category of SOULS.