Cardinal Burke: “Faithful Must Reject a Heretical Pope”

A pope who fails to act in conformity with Divine Revelation, Sacred Scripture and Tradition “must be rejected by the faithful” according to Cardinal Raymond Burke talking at the Roman conference Catholic Church, where are you going? (April 7).

It is to be supposed that the term "faithful" includes for Burke also cardinals and bishops.

According to the Catholic Register, Burke stressed that a pope’s authority is “not magical” but derives from his obedience to Christ.

Burke does not dispute that a pope can dispense with the law or interpret it, "but only for the purpose of serving its proper purpose and never to subvert it.”

Picture: Raymond Burke, #newsSjwhlgzkax
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Il n'y a pas que les Chrétiens de la base qui se posent des questions..
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The Magisterium of the Church teaches that the elevation of a heretic to the papacy is invalid and null Bergoglio is not a pope who fell into heresy but a heretic who was illicitly elevated to the papacy and is obstinate in his heresy , so Bergoglio must not only be rejected but also deposed.
Cardinal Burke needs our prayers, especially on Divine Mercy Sunday, to persevere in leading the faithful to obedience to Christ, Who will act to preserve His Church. Viva Cristo Rey...!
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Answer: Because Burke is a neo-conservative who plays both sides. A little Latin here and there does wonders.
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Why His Eminence card. Burke is so afraid of saying that Mr.Bergoglio is the formal heretic? What is he afraid of? Lost of his life?
Scarlet (cardinals' color) is the color of blood, so cardinals are obliged to give his life for Christ when needed.
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Cardinal Burke also revealed that as soon as he heard Cardinal Kasper's February 2014 consistory address - about Communion for the remarried - the late Cardinal Meisner said, “All this will end in a schism.”
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A Pope holds power except when he ‘deviates’ from the faith. But who decides when there’s been a deviation?
Jim Dorchak
I think Faithful Catholics and non faithful as well, overall, are fed up with the lies and heretical "Pastoral" plans that are being PUSHED!
We Faithful Catholics are not stupid, but many are Lazy. I fall in the Stupid and Lazy category, but at least I know it!
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