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Cardinal Tobin Again Knew "Nothing"

Newark priests have spoken to (August 17) about gay abuses in Newark's seminary and archdiocese which include alcoholism, parties and homosexual harassment. The same day, …
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Tobin: "What Lavender Mafia?"
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De Profundis
Has any American Bishop admitted that knew or had any inclination that +McCarrick was a homosexual? In 2013 when allegations that +Azevedo sexually assaulted a seminarian, a number of Portuguese Bishops admitted they knew he was a homosexual.
De Profundis
Cardinal Tobin tells priests not to speak to press after ‘gay sub-culture’ claims
Note Cardinal Tobin, who says he favors transparency, has sent a bullying letter to his priests telling priests not to speak to the media. And he’s mad that Catholic News Agency is exposing corruption in the Archdiocese.
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angry bob
Hopefully someone is investigating Tobin. Looks like they will have to be eliminated one at a time.
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