Cardinal Hummes: Church [Allegedly] Needs "New Models" of Ordained Ministers

Pro-gay Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, 84, expects from the Pan-Amazon Synod of Bishops (2019) a discussion on Church ministries and celibacy although the Synod is officially supposed to deal with the specific problems of the 2.8 Million population of the Amazon region.

Nevertheless Hummes called talking to (September 19) for "another form" of clergy and for "new models" of ordained ministers. He especially believes, that the alleged "question of celibacy" arises.

Commentators take it for granted that the Synod has a hidden agenda and that the Amazon theme is only a pretext.

In 2014 Hummes said in an interview that he "didn't know" whether Christ would oppose gay marriage.

Picture: Cláudio Hummes, © Agência Brasil, CC BY-SA, #newsCuvhjhdpct
is it possible that there was an agreement to share the papacy ?
If this Cardinal does not know yet if Christ would oppose same sex marriage , He should resign and stop saying heresies and deceiving people