Argentinean Bishop Needs Cash For Jazz Mass

In a December audio, Buenos Aires Auxiliary Bishop Alejandro Giorgi announced that the Argentinean bishops are collecting money in order to send twenty musicians to the World Youth Day 2019 in Panama where they will perform a «Jazz Mass».

In order to put pressure on potential critics of the project, he explained that Francis is behind the project. sees this as a sign that Francis continues to govern Buenos Aires Archdiocese.

During the Pentecost 2017 Mass Giorgi made a fool out of himself by putting on big plastic ears. He is also known for whitewashing adultery.

Picture: Alejandro Giorgi, #newsZzheiocgty
Here is the bishop with his plastic ears
The logo is horrible- a snake swallowing a cross?
I say no ,mass is not a show ,
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No mas, no mas.
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alex j
Give him crypto money!
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