Francis "Worst Pope Ever" - Philosopher Argues

The Francis papacy is a "disaster" according to John Rist, a research professor of philosophy at Catholic University of America.

Talking to LifeSiteNews (February 15) he argues that “Bergoglio is possibly, because of his tampering with established doctrine, the worst pope we have ever had.”

Rist points out that a Pope is supposed to provide for unity. But, “Francis has caused massive confusion and division."

Picture: John Rist, #newsMnysijpauv
I agree with you Mr. Rist!! Worst one in my lifetime anyway!
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iz da pope Catholic??
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ding, ding.
Jim Dorchak
And to think it tooka PHD to figure this out? Hey they could have asked me or anyone else for that matter.
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100% agree
"Tampering" is the perfect description resonating in the frustrated, frangible hearts of millions of Catholics in every corner of the world.