Hero Mary Wagner pleads with Ireland to reject abortion

Ireland will vote on May 25th on whether to repeal their 8th Amendment that protects the life of the unborn. "Until this very day, Ireland has stood out brightly among most other western nations by …
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Jungerheld mentioned this post in Washington, DC Police Apply Necessity Principle, releasing Red Rose Rescuers.
@alexamarie, we have been praying to "everyone," but came across a prayer to St. Rita last night, so my kids and I gave her a percentage we want the referendum "No vote" to achieve. If she gets it, we will be spreading her devotion as promised!
Praying for Ireland and America. St. Rita, I ask for a miracle. Please don't let Ireland allow abortion and end Abortion in America. I ask this in Jesus name, I pray. Amen.. All the Angels and Saints, Pray with us and for us. Amen.