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African Cardinal: European Church Should Tackle Empty Churches, Not Homosexuality

Cardinal John Onaiyekan of Abuja, Nigeria, has expressed his surprise that the Catholic Church in Europe is concerned about homosexuality while they should worry that their churches and seminaries are empty.

Talking to Austrian fake-news media (March 2), Onaiyekan stated that the Church teaching on homosexuality is clear and that homosexuality cannot be approved, "There is no option to change this."

The gay question has already produced a split in the Anglican Communion. Now, it seems that Pope Francis wants to provoke a similar split in the Catholic Church.

Picture: John Onaiyekan, © IPP FoRB, CC BY-NC, #newsSbsgavkmss
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The Modernist Popes et al inflicted upon and infecting the Church since V2 have turned it into a sodomite refuge with bathhouses included. Only the effeminate need apply for the priesthood in today's' Conciliar Church.
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Jim Dorchak
One would wonder if the Churches and Seminaries are empty SPECIFICALLY because of Homosexuality and its evil tentacles.
1. Churches: who wants to listen to what the mentally ill have to say? Their foundation is poor and therefore their words have little strength or truth.
2. Seminaries: What Man wants to be LESS THAN A MAN? Not the right sort and therefore NO MAN will want any part of it!

Ok … More
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Who knew? Our ability to come to an agreement on what the Church needs comes back to the old question: "What came first? the chicken or the egg?"

As hard as it is for me to grasp, it appears some think the solution is to throw open the doors to every sin and vice, look past the failings (because we all have them) and just "love on" people.

Do all things in love, absolutely, but if we're not … More
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