NY police officers serve as pallbearers for discarded baby Monica

A fetus that was discarded on a Brooklyn street has been given a name and received a proper funeral and burial on Saturday with police officers joining in the final tribute.

Six NYPD officers acted as pallbearers at the service for baby Monica at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at 60th St. and Fifth Ave. in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, parading a little casket past parishioners and members of the Life Center of New York, which organized the funeral. An NYPD piper played dolefully.

“It’s kind of sad, a bunch of strangers are burying the kid,” said 70-year-old Life Center member Eileen Bolger.

Baby Monica was found dead under a tree near the Nathaniel Greene School in East New York in February. She was inside a bag surrounded by bloody clothing, witnesses said at the time. The city Medical Examiner estimated that the fetus was about 20-weeks old and would not have been viable outside the womb.

A cause of death was not immediately disclosed, but it’s been speculated that the mother miscarried and decided to dispose of the fetus rather than tell relatives or authorities.

The Life Center of New York offered to provide a funeral for the fetus, named Monica after the mother of Saint Augustine. Members of the group said the name was chosen because the saint’s mother is said to have told her family from her deathbed, "you will remember me at the Lord’s altar, wherever you be.”

"We decided to give her that name,” organizer Fred Trabulsi said. “Baby Monica, like all of us, deserves dignity and respect in living and dying.”

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@Ultraviolet: Because the mothers are told by journalists and politicians that the child in their womb is really "nothing" which then begs the question why one should act against something that is "really nothing".
@Don Reto Nay If mothers so readily believe what they are told by journalists and politicians then you've just contradicted your original statement: "People... have a natural compassion for little human beings." Obviously they do not. No surprises there since child abuse statistics sadly confirm this.
...which begs the question why so many seek out abortions -given that most people are neither journalists nor politicians, Don Reto Nay.
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People - as long as they are not journalists or politicians - have a natural compassion for little human beings.
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