Cardinal Suggests that Displaying Cross is "Magical Rite"

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi who wears a pectoral cross, has suggested that displaying a cross is a “magical rite.”

Talking to (June 16) he attacked the Italian deputy prime-minister who displayed a rosary and cross insinuating that Savini was a “hypocrite.”

“We are not saved by external manifestations, but by a deep adherence to moral and existential choices,” he implicitly sent a vast majority of the population to hell.

In the case of those who do not meet this high standard, displaying a crucifix or kissing it is for Ravasi a “magical rite.”

Picture: Gianfranco Ravasi, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsOsduncwqnp
It's easy, this one is a slave-mason-deist, who hates the Cross snd the God who loves and provides for us
I notice he wears an episcopal cross over his chasuble. This is liturgically incorrect. The episcopal cross represents jurisdiction, the chasuble charity. It goes over everything.