Gänswein Earnestly: One Could Study Theology "Well" in Germany, no Gay-Infiltration

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the private secretary of Benedict XVI, experienced "no homosexual infiltration" during his priestly formation in the 1980s in Freiburg, Germany, he recounts in a video produced by the Austrian Heiligenkreuz Abbey (13 July).

Gänswein adds that one could study "well" at the [depraved] theological faculty of Freiburg University, Germany. The theological faculty and the seminary offered him sufficient "food" for his intellectual and spiritual maturation, he says revealing his theological unpretentiousness.

At that time, the radical-liberal Oskar Saier was Freiburg archbishop. This did not impede Gänswein to become Saier's private secretary in 1994.

One year before, Saier caused a worldwide scandal by publishing a "pastoral letter" together with the later cardinals Walter Kasper and Karl Lehman which demanded, in open confrontation with Church teaching and John Paul II, to admit active adulterers to Holy Communion.


The apostate Gänswein has no credibility.
Ever notice how gays always minimize their influence. It's like walking into any modernist church and seeing the rainbow banners and vestments of the priest yet he's not gay. If it walks like a duck etc
He appears to be aging poorly. Perhaps it is symptomatic of cognitive deterioration.
Sure sure... I believe that....not
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There is a useful saying in organizations. It's very difficult to be promoted telling superiors about the things that are wrong.
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