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Italy Latest Country to Approve Burqa-Ban

4 August 2011

The Christian Post reports that an estimated 3,000 women across Italy cover their faces.

An Italian parliamentary commission approved a draft law on Tuesday that would ban women from wearing veils that cover their face in public.

If passed, the new law would expand upon a pre-existing Italian law that does not allow the concealing of the face for security reasons.

France was the first country in the world to ban face veils with President Sarkozy famously stating “burqas are not welcome in France.”

They cover their faces ... and yet they accept as norm " trial marriages - hourly,or daily cohabitation in exchange for money " -known in civilized world as prostitution and the islam scholars try to pull wool over EU eyes,presenting the "enlightment " of their religion as protecting women and keeping them in place of honor - no wonder they cover their faces out of shame! Jesus said : " If a … More
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